About Us

AC Global Systems was created in 2005 when founder Dan Ashamn, president and CEO of AC Global Systems Ltd. saw the need for work alone safety equipment in British Columbia Canada, before there was any legislation requiring it. From that original idea, Dan created Safetivity, and designed the ISOCHQ, Crew10/20, and CEL CHQ products.

Using the knowledge and experience in the design process of the lone worker safety products, Safetivity products branched into the SafetivityISat phone, and Swiftarp. These products further the original idea of worker safety, especially when working in isolation. More information about the Safetivity product line can be found here.

AC Global Systems then expanded into GPS tracking technology, and AC Global Fleet Track was born. Originally fleet track products were designed to complement British Columbia’s idle free BC initiatives. AC Global Fleet products are able to monitor over idling, and assist drivers and dispatchers in reducing their greenhouse gas emissions, and reduce the operating costs of their fleets.

AC Global Fleet Track exposed the need for cost effective yet flexible and customizable tracking and reporting solutions for North American vehicle fleets. Now our products are able to not only track over idling, but also mileage, theft alerts and recovery, dangerous goods monitoring, dispatching solutions, and many more alerts, via our web based tracking software. All information gathered can create detailed reports so that our customers can audit how much they are truly saving, and the reduction in their carbon footprint.